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What We're Looking for in Industrial & Manufacturing

We are actively looking to meet with people who own industrial and manufacturing businesses.  In general, we're looking for businesses that are operating in highly specialized and defensible niches. 

Here are a few examples: 

Paving installation and marking: providing asphalt services, curb installation, striping, and other road and parking lot infrastructure. 

Safety services: Ranging from inspection and auditing services to maintenance of safety-related equipment

Waste Management: Rural trash collection, specialized recycling facilities, waste clean-up contractors.

Drainage and wastewater: Drainage and culvert installation and maintenance, water treatment, pond maintenance, and other environmental services related to water control

Oil & gas service companies: Companies with specialized services provided to the oil field.

Green energy inspection, repair, and maintenance: Companies supporting wind farm operations and solar farm operations.

Component manufacturing: Specialized parts or product manufacturing

Equipment manufacturing: Specialized equipment for niche uses

Chemical manufacturing: specialty products and solvents

Pharmaceutical manufacturing: production of generic drugs and products, especially using specialized equipment

Transportation and logistics: Last-mile logistics, delivery services, moving services (especially specialized like high-end art moving), transportation of bio-hazardous materials.

Warehousing and storage: Commercial and municipal storage