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Consumer Products & Service Categories

We are in the process of meeting with business owners across a wide variety of consumer product and service categories.  Several of our Private Equity and Venture Capital Investment Partners have have deep experience in this space in companies ranging from specialty food products to child care solutions.  Here are a few of the categories we're interested in right now:

Medical: medical practices, dentistry practices, MedSpas, home healthcare, veterinary

Automotive: Car washes, Collision Repair, Windshield repair

Fitness: gyms, yoga studios, dance studios, pilates

Beauty: Salons, massage, makeup and wellness products

Specialty Foods: specialty diet-driven, environmentally-driven

Restaurants: Concepts with franchise potential

Entertainment: event venues (wedding, corporate), entertainment concepts (escape room, trampoline park, etc.)

Apparel & accessories:  jewelry stores with specialization (ie Lab-grown diamond stores), local fashion (ie NCAA branded cowboy boots).