Deal Point Partners

Deal Point Partners co-invests and makes direct investments in companies where we can add value.

Our Investment Approach

We are highly selective with our direct investments and co-investments.  We look for strong management teams with clear visions about how to sustainably grow their businesses.  It's simple but not easy.


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We believe in aligning incentives.

By investing in deals, we are aligning ourselves with business owners, investors, and management teams - we all benefit from building great businesses together.

Our investments include direct equity investments into platform companies as well as rolling our deal fees into equity positions.

We are often involved as advisors and Board members, supporting the companies we invest in with our M&A and operational capabilities.  We work hard to provide real value as partners.

Direct Investment Strategy

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    We look for companies that are growing and have clear growth strategies to continue their growth.
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    Close to Home
    We look for businesses that are Texas-based, where we can provide more hands-on support when needed (without airport travel).
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    Home, Commercial, or Consumer Services
    We can add the most value to companies that line up with our own operational experience in home and commercial services.

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Get in touch today to discuss ways we can work together. When the time is right, we want to help you get the deal done.