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Home & Commercial Services

What kind of Home and Commercial Services are we interested in?

We are interested in a wide variety of home and commercial service companies.  We're primarily looking for businesses with a high percentage of recurring revenue and low customer concentration.  Good fits would ideally be located in a high-growth metro areas.    

Pool Services: Repair, Cleaning

Pest Control: Recurring services and special projects

Landscaping: Installation, maintenance, fertilization

Cleaning and Housekeeping: commercial and residential cleaning services

Garage Doors: Installation, repairs

Power washing: Driveways, siding, decks

Window washing: cleaning and maintenance

Gutter Cleaning: cleaning and repair

Tree Trimming: emergency clean-up, regular trimming

Plumbing: construction and maintenance

Electrical: construction and maintenance

Landscaping Sprinklers: installation, repair, and maintenance

Fire Safety: installation, repair, and maintenance

Other Service businesses: Anything from water restoration and foundation repair to Christmas light installation, ideally with recurring revenue.